A3Writer: F³ Gift Exchange
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Friday, April 26, 2019

F³ Gift Exchange

After Charming had left, I developed the pictures in the closet I made into a dark room. It was cheaper and quicker than taking ‘em in. Good thing, too as it gave me my first lead. The flash bulb had hit the right spot on the inside of the shoe’s heel. It looked like something was engraved there I had looked on the underside of the shoe itself, but not the heel. Using a glass, I got it big enough to read: Schumacher.

No first name, but it was a start. I started coming through the cobblers and other clothiers in the Yellow pages. No dice. I tried the operator, but there were over a dozen Schumachers in town. I took down their names, though. If I got in a bind, I’d try them all.
But it was time for lunch, so I took the photos with me, and went to the closest lunch counter and had some rye with my pastrami on rye. The jerk looked on disapprovingly, probably because the soda taps were still bright and shiny, but I ignored him and studied the pictures, instead.
A dame walked in, looking too well put together for my part of town, and she scooched up beside me.
“Care to share any of that?” she nodded to my hooch.
I slid the bottle her way, then patted the flask in my pocket.
She gave me a small smile, then signaled the jerk for her own glass.
“You have to order some food. This ain’t a bar.”
“Ham and cheese,” she said.
The jerk set about making the sandwich.
The dame pushed her hair back and studied my pictures. “Expensive gift for your wife.”
“You know ‘em?”
She shook her head. “No one would wear shoes like that. But it would make a nice gift.”
I smiled. “Thanks, sister. Keep the bottle.”