A3Writer: F³ Highly Descriptive
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Friday, April 12, 2019

F³ Highly Descriptive

“So, Mr. Charming, what can I do for you?” I sealed my cigarette, keeping my eyes on him.
Charming didn’t take any offense to having the title changed, but the man on the left puffed his chest up a few times, but said nothing.
“You are a private detective, yes?”
“Says so on the door,” I said, striking a match off my desk.
“I wish to hire you to find the love of my life.”
I nodded, puffing away, then extinguished the match to pick up a pen. “What’s her name?”
“I don’t know.”
My eyes flicked up to him, then took in the other two. He was completely serious.
“So, not your wife or girlfriend. Mistress?”
“What effrontery!” the guy on the left started in. “Sir, you shall—”
Charming snapped his fingers, silencing the man.
“Well, what’s she look like?”
“She has beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes.”
“The eyes?”
“Kind of a blue, or maybe green, or in the middle. Grey?”
I jotted it all down, masking what I thought of the guy. “What about her hair?”
“It was kind of light, I think, maybe not. I’m not sure.”
“What else can you tell me about her?”
“She wore a beautiful gown, and was a superb dancer, and she left this behind.” Charming snapped his fingers.
The guy on the right reached into his coat and pulled out a silk-wrapped bundle. He unwrapped it to reveal a high-heeled shoe. It was clear, like glass. The attendant reverently set the silk on my desk, followed by the shoe. I leaned forward, looking it over, then rapped it lightly with a knuckle. It was sturdy and heavy, like glass or some kind of crystal. The size, though, was on the smaller side.