A3Writer: F³ On The Job
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Friday, April 19, 2019

F³ On The Job

The guy on the right reached into his coat and pulled out a silk-wrapped bundle. He unwrapped it to reveal a high-heeled shoe. It was clear, like glass. The attendant reverently set the silk on my desk, followed by the shoe. I leaned forward, looking it over, then rapped it lightly with a knuckle. It was sturdy and heavy, like glass or some kind of crystal. The size, though, was on the smaller side.
“Dainty,” I said. “So why come to me?”

“I confess that your name was not the most recommended, but it did come up when some of those so-called more professional agencies reported that they couldn’t take on any additional cases.”
“Sure. Well, I’m not going to lie, tracking down your skirt’s not going to be easy. Probably pretty expensive, too.”
Another snap, and the guy on the left produced a Benjamin for each finger in his fist. He didn’t let them go, easily, least not until Charming cleared his throat.
“I trust that shall be sufficient.”
“Adequate,” I said. “Where can I reach you?”
“I will be staying at the Richmond Hotel for several days.” Lefty extended a business card. No name, just a hand-written number in calligraphy.
I nodded. “I’ll get started, tonight.”
Righty moved to re-wrap the shoe, but I held a hand out. “let me take some pictures, first.”
I took the snaps from every angle, then let the man take the shoe. Charming swept out of the room, again as if he owned the place.
I took a belt of rye straight out of the bottle to commemorate the occasion.
The trail on the dame with the glass slipper was as cold as the wind off the Bay, and just as foggy.