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Friday, April 19, 2019

F³ On The Job

The guy on the right reached into his coat and pulled out a silk-wrapped bundle. He unwrapped it to reveal a high-heeled shoe. It was clear, like glass. The attendant reverently set the silk on my desk, followed by the shoe. I leaned forward, looking it over, then rapped it lightly with a knuckle. It was sturdy and heavy, like glass or some kind of crystal. The size, though, was on the smaller side.
“Dainty,” I said. “So why come to me?”

Monday, April 15, 2019

M³ Protecting Isaac's Legacy

            Esau, due to his lack of skills as a hunter, and for not being around to tend to his father’s lands, really is not the best candidate for inheritance. With him, the land would likely just go back to wilderness, and the flocks would end up sold, slaughtered, or wander off. In the end, Isaac’s legacy would also dwindle to nothing under Esau. He would be a poor caretaker for everything.

Friday, April 12, 2019

F³ Highly Descriptive

“So, Mr. Charming, what can I do for you?” I sealed my cigarette, keeping my eyes on him.
Charming didn’t take any offense to having the title changed, but the man on the left puffed his chest up a few times, but said nothing.
“You are a private detective, yes?”
“Says so on the door,” I said, striking a match off my desk.
“I wish to hire you to find the love of my life.”
I nodded, puffing away, then extinguished the match to pick up a pen. “What’s her name?”
“I don’t know.”

Monday, April 8, 2019

M³ The Good Son

            It’s easy to vilify Jacob in this. I mean, it’s pretty absurd to sell stew for a birthright. Even worse to do so while his brother is hungry (although that’s the only time he’ll ever agree to that kind of discounted price, I’m sure). Jacob comes off as kind of predatory in this, and that he doesn’t care about family at all.

Friday, April 5, 2019

F³ What's in a Name?

The door slammed open as he strutted in with his entourage like he owned the place. He probably could’ve owned the building with what I saw in his suit alone. It was cut funny, older, and he had one of those lace scarves loosely knotted instead of a necktie. Lace peaked out from his cuffs, too, and more lace on his pocket square.

Monday, April 1, 2019

M³ Never Bargain when Hungry

            Esau the Hunter went out hunting one day, only he didn’t catch anything. The reasons why are not given, but it might be a clue to his general character, later on. He returned home to find his brother Jacob cooking a stew of some vegetables. Since he hadn’t caught anything, he was pretty hungry, so he asked for some stew.

Friday, March 29, 2019

F³ Force of Habit

Connor Reese, as he currently thought of himself, considered the patrons at the table at the far end of the concourse. They looked quite engaged in their conversation, but, frequently, the man with the slightly forked beard would check over his shoulders for potential eavesdroppers.
No chance of casually overhearing them. They may have even set up a short-range privacy field. It would be prudent, and what I would do if I were them. The concourse, is, after all, a public place, and even moderate audio filters are sufficient to isolate their conversation from the rest of the din.

Monday, March 25, 2019

M³ Playing Favorites

            It’s been a while since we’ve visited the line of Abraham, so we’ll pick back up after Abraham as passed, and we have Isaac with his two sons Esau and Jacob. This story is often looked at comically as a disagreement between two brothers, and—according to my students—Jacob is a bit of a jerk for how he treats his brother.
            But as with all things, it’s slightly more complicated than that.

Friday, March 22, 2019

F³ Secret of Success

            The takeout helped with the liquor, but I knew I’d be feeling the effects of the alcohol for hours, still. Kate and Richard sat on my couch, having a long talk. Richard appeared to be actually listening, which I considered progress given his earlier reactions.

Monday, March 18, 2019

M³ The Bad Ending

Red playfully—flirtatiously? —calls out the traits and submits to what will happen in the bed. This is a story about a girl wanting to be sexually active, who voluntarily removes her clothes for the experience. However, it is no less an assault as the story becomes violent. It is no longer a willing sexual encounter between two parties, but a rape. The wolf, then, really is two-faced as both a predator under the guise of someone that Red thought she could trust with such an encounter.