A3Writer: September 2009
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September wrap-up

     The time is upon us once again. Another month down, and charts to post. I have reasserted my ability to write my thousand words a day after taking long stints of editing in between. I've realized that NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and I need to try and finish off Halloween Scourge before undertaking a new one. So, I've got thirty-one days to finish it off.
     I'm going to try and repeat my training from last year in order to beef up my daily word count, though this year's contest is going to be much tougher on me from the added work load. I can already feel twinges of what I want to unfold in The Missing Succubus and have begun research, so hopefully I'll have enough material that I won't be struggling to find something to write.
     Well, time is precious now, so here are the charts.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

August Wrap-up

     Well, on ce again I'm late getting the wrap-up in, but this time I actually have a legitimate excuse as I'm teaching again, and a little behidn on that, so it's only natural this has fallen behind as well. Blood and Stones has undergone its revisions for the Blackthorn Club, and now it's out to friends for a final perusal. I do mean final, as well. I will examine recommendations they put to me, but I'm not going to do another full read and revision of this thing unless a publisher or agent has suggestions.
     Hopefully, in about a week's time (the deadline I have given the aforementioned people) I will begin sending out query letters to see if there are any bites. I'm also looking to post the entire novel on Authonomy for some more critiquing and ideas. Likely to be followed by Vampire Shadows and eventually Halloween Scourge
     Speaking of which, the story has already well surpassed Blood and Stones in length, and will likely outdo Vampire Shadows as well. Hopefully, though, it will be finished before NaNoWriMo starts up again.
     Well, I've rambled this for longer than I intended. Time to get back to my day job. Here are the totals for August.