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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Penultimate Day

That's deliberate. A friend of mine is under duress by the incorrect usage of "penultimate," so for him I will use it correctly. This is the day before the day I begin recording new word counts. This also hails as the ultimate day for NaNoWriMo. Already I've noticed the site is under some strain, and I'm glad that I achieved my goal earlier in the week. To all those still writing though, courage! The day is still long---at least in my part of the world---and the deadline is achievable. Even if it isn't, a last minute best effort in the face of the impossible task feels impossibly good.

For myself, I have been hard at work giving this site even more tweaks as I anticipate that I will not have much opportunity as my focus will shift once again to writing of prose and not code. Undoubtedly I will change small things about the site now and again during a writing lull, but I'm hoping to push myself hard during this month. I've proven to myself that fifty thousand is attainable in a month's time, so I hope to push beyond that and shoot for a minimum of two thousand per day. My long-term goal here is to instill the necessary self-discipline needed to become a published novelist. My short-term goal? to write my arse off for another month. My mid-term goal is to finish this specific work. I doubt it will happen in December, but perhaps January, and then on to the arduous task of revision.

To end, I quote the winsome, witty word wizard Stan Lee, "Excelsior!"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Site Revisions

I have an insatiable urge to tweak, and this blog has been no exception to that. I've put my own spin on this place to better reflect me---not to mention get rid of that hideously colored and narrow template.

I also changed my graph, which I consider part of the heart of this blog. I will constantly be updating it with new data, and realized last night that I almost never work on just one story. I constantly have more than one story in my head simultaneously. Even during NaNoWriMo I would occasionally write a snippet for some other story. Who am I kidding, a couple of times I wrote pages just because I had to scratch that itch. The end result is that I have modified the graph to reflect my sometimes scattered writing tendencies.

Post the first

This is intended to be a writing blog. I want to use this as a way to help spur me into more regular writing. Having just participated and won NaNoWriMo, I've found that a little deadline and goal can really go a long way towards motivation. So I hope to put up little things on this that indicate my progress and talk a little about the writing.
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