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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


     It just hit me that I've got 10 days left before NaNoWriMo commences. I'm working on the outline for this opus already, so I can hit the ground running, and I think my 1,000 words a day will go a long way to helping me deal with the writing, but I think I'm going to do a little training to get me used to the requisite 1,667 words a day for the month. I'm going to up my writing to 1,250 for the next five days, and the five after that I will shoot for 1,500. Hopefully this will get me going just enough that I can handle the extra strain without any problem.
     Also, I've realized that writing is much, much easier in the morning without any kind of distractions, so I'm going to try and make sure to get as much of my writing done as possible in the morning.
     I'll make a post before NaNoWriMo starts for the October wrap up and I'll create a revised writing word count that reflects the NaNo requirements.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The next step

     The blog will be receiving an overhaul as I believe I truly have found my sky. I'm going to start shifting it around so it reflects projects I am writing, so the overall look will change somewhat drastically. I may even make different sections that will reflect different types of writing. I will continue to post up my word counts along the way, and I hope to also put up some short stories relevant to my novels.
     The first of these stories I will begin some time next week will involve my PI character and examine the dangers of creatures in confined spaces. The story itself will not have an actual mystery element, but rather elaborate an incident I reference within the first novel, which will be done shortly. Speaking of which, I'm going to put up a small poll where I ask for votes about the title of this first work.
     I believe, after having already sent off one proposal and nearly finishing another novel, that it is time I hunt out an agent to help work out who to send these manuscripts to. I'm not sure if I will get to this before NaNoWriMo starts, or if I'll have time to look into it while in the midst of that flurried novel writing, but I shall try to do so, as I don't want my Dream Children to be abandoned when I can bring them into the world.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

September Wrap-up


August Wrap-up


July wrap-up

and July

June Wrap-up

Here is June.

Catching up

     I've been gone from here for a long time, but not from writing. I've been sticking with it the whole time, and am now gearing up for this year's NaNoWriMo. I'm going to post the writing graphs from the intervening months, and I hope to make some changes to this place in the near future.
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