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Myth Manifest Monday (M3)

     I have always loved mythology, having a deep interest all the way back in my days of elementary, and it's grown ever since. I devour myths and love to talk about them. In fact, when the topic turns to mythology, I rarely shut up.
     I have a Master's Degree in English literature, specializing in world literature. Basically, in English literature, if we can translate it into English, we consider it English literature. So I have read major works of mythology from about a dozen cultures, and I am partial to comparative mythology, examining the trends and similarities of myths across cultures.
     So I decided to put all of this knowledge and expertise to use, first in my own fiction writing, and now by examining and explaining some of my favorite myths.
     To what end? Beats me. I hope it's of use to some other writers, and readers in general. I've always believed that the ancient peoples were smarter than we give them credit for, and the truth of the complexity is revealed in their mythology. So I try to peel back the layers and get at what's deep down in the myths.
     Oh, and because myths are crazy. Seriously, the weirdness that goes on in mythology constantly amazes me, and freaks out my students. So, if you like to be freaked out, read some M3.

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