A3Writer: January 2010
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year in Review: 2009

     Year two of the grand experiment is complete, and while I did not get as much raw writing done in 2009 as 2008, I also edited a fierce amount of material. I believe 2009 was where I found my step. By alternating writing days with editing days, I feel more productive. I can get done the necessary editing, which I dread, on days when I know I won't be able to write.
     I feel 2009 was monumental. I wrote two complete novels within a year's time (NaNo seems to be a starting point for me, and since I finished the draft of Halloween Scourge before November, it is within a year's time) and these were not slim books, either. I wrote a number of short stories, made a map of famed Belport, designed a night club, and even found time for a bit of supervillainy now and again. All this while beginning my teaching career. Yes, 2009 was a very important year for me, and I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring me. Hopefully, with work and diligence, representation for my work. Until then, though, ever forward, and here are my charts for the year, and the grand total: 327,706.

December 2009 Wrap Up

     Well, December was not quite as productive as I had hoped, though I'm going to cut myself some slack because of how busy November was. I'm beginning to feel some burnout with the particular book I'm doing, and I seem to remember the same feeling with Vampire Shadows last year. I've set myself the goal to finishing The Missing Succubus soon, but then I'm going to take a break from all things Matt Allen for a time. My supervillain story is beckoning, percolating in the background, and I am to answer the call. Until then, though. The succubus still gets my attention. Here are the charts for December.