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Friday, February 25, 2011

F3 A Bit of Magic

     "Left palm," I said to the guy next to me.
     The magician had made the ball disappear, and flourished an open hand to the audience, then the other.
     "Slipped it inside the waist just behind the jacket while flourishing with the right."
     "How do you see all this?" My client asked.

Friday, February 18, 2011

F3 Max's Musings on Knowledge

Some of the many musings of Max Stein, Matt Allen's former mentor and partner.

     Listen, rookie, you need to know certain things about what's out there. No denying that. 'Cause if you don't know, you die. Period. Like you need to know bargaining with one of the Fae is a bad idea. They take things real literal, you understand me. If you only imply something, that ain't good enough. The Fae will wriggle out of it, and set a hook in your mouth. That you need to know.
     Now, there's the flip side. There's the stuff you don't need to know. I don't mean that it's okay if you know it, but it's not that useful. I mean there's stuff you need to
not know anything about. There's things out there, really dark things that can do awful things to a soul, and if you start looking in their direction, they look back. Once you've been seen, that's it. They start knowing about you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Cycle anew

     This is the way it always happens. Once the semester gets into swing, the first to suffer is the blog, then my writing tapers down. Well not this time! At least I'm going to make more of an effort to keep the blog more updated, and to keep my writing at full strength. I've been furiously rewriting the opening chapters to Blood and Stones since gaining a great beta reader to point out how much I suck. It's working as the opening chapters are much stronger, now. I hope to be ready for another round of queries, soon.
     I plan on bringing F3 back, but probably without the pictures. I may even venture into the microfiction format as an experiment. Well, back to it, but I'll be back like a bad penny.

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