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Friday, July 31, 2020

F³ Summer Days

Belport saw more rain than sun throughout the year, and summer was thunderstorm season, at that. Every so often, though, we got a break in the storm for the sun to show up at sunset, reflecting orange, yellow, red, and pink off the cloud bottoms. It had been the perfect summer grilling weather.

I, however, was not the grillmaster. Logan Gershman had that honor.

Friday, July 24, 2020

F³ Lunch Meeting

Whenever Kate bolted back into town, her words, not mine, she always invited me to lunch. On the one hand, this was good. I got a free meal out of it, and got to learn a little bit more about these storm riders and other elementals.

“So I’ve noticed,” I started, trying to make my tone light, “that the storm riders seem to have a largish appetite.” I popped a wonton into my mouth.

Friday, July 17, 2020

F³ Drink Like A Marine

“So,” Steph began, “the way I heard it is our illustrious captain was billeted at Manticore Station and had just been promoted to first lieutenant—”

“I’ll tell it,” Flynn said, sitting down with his coffee. “I had just made first lieutenant, and we went out celebrating. . . .”

Friday, July 10, 2020

F³ Old Stories

“Shut the flare up!” Ann yelled to Steph as Flynn entered the common area.

“Swear to the stars,” Steph held up splayed fingers to the heavens.

Flynn went straight to the meal prep area, and started brewing some coffee.

“I am so glad I never tried to become a marine,” Ann laughed.

“But then you miss out on all these stories.”

“I’m fine with that. Hey, you got any stories about our fearless leader, there? Maybe something embarrassing from his younger days?”

“First hand, no. I’m afraid I didn’t meet the Captain until just before he made rank. I have heard some stories from back in the day, though. Major Bakshi had a few stories.

On hearing the name, Flynn fumbled the can of coffee grounds, dropping it loudly to bounce off the counter and onto the deck, narrowly missing Flynn’s stockinged feet.

“Bakshi?” Flynn said. “Lt. Thana Bakshi?”

Steph nodded, grinning. “I believe that was her rank when you two served together.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear this. He’s nervous just at hearing the name.”

Flare me, this is going to be bad.


Friday, July 3, 2020

F³ The Modern Stakeout

“Are you ready to leave?” Nikki announced from the office doorway.

“We don’t have a date or any kind of appointment or anything,” I said.

“Not in the traditional sense, no.”

“Not in any sense. I write stuff down.”

“We’re going on a stakeout.”

I frowned at her, did the mental math, then sighed, waving her in. “You have thoroughly corrupted my assistant.”

“Jennifer did mention something about the stakeout, yes. So, when do we leave?”

“We don’t. I’m already on it.” I grabbed my laptop from the desk and sat on the couch, tilting it towards her. “Mobile webcam with telephoto across the street.”

“How will you track your suspect if he leaves?”

“I already put GPS trackers on their cars in the apartment’s lot. I can be in my car in five minutes and follow them anywhere.”

“This is very disappointing, Matthew, nothing like a real stakeout.”

“I’ve got doughnuts,” I pointed to the box on my desk.

“I fail to understand what supernatural threat you are investigating for your client.”

“I’m not. Ordinary troubles with domestic bliss. Guy is convinced his wife is having fun on the side.”

“I thought you had given such mundane circumstances up.”

I shrugged. “It ain’t glamorous, but it helps to pay the bills.”

“If you are under-employed you can always work for me.”

“I don’t need charity, and I’m not a gigolo to be paid to take you on dates.”

“This is legitimate, Matthew, though it might require you to travel.”

I looked at her, cocking my head.

What’s she up to? She really hasn’t done any schemes on me, recently, but she’s got something up her sleeve.

“Oh my. I do believe you have solved your case.”

I flicked my eyes back to the screen to see the wife had answered the door and was currently kissing another woman, and it wasn’t a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Huh. Well, I guess that would.” I took a screenshot, and started scribbling notes to describe the other woman. “. . . . Wait.”

A man from outside came into the camera view and joined the two women, kissing first the wife and then the woman outside. I started scratching out my notes.

“What is it?”

“That’s the guy who hired me. This isn’t the one he was worried about, I guess.”

“Perhaps you should investigate more closely. Do you have a camera for the bedroom as well?”

“So what’s this job you have for me?”

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Working My Way Back

So, yeah, I didn't expect my hiatus to be this long, or for a pandemic to show up, either, but that's life, right? I am slowly working my way back into writing. I'm going to start with the Flash Fiction posts. I wish I had an ETA as to when I will get back to the mythology posts, but there's still a lot going on that Coronavirus just complicated. but I will bring it back in some form.

Also, there are changes to the blog. Blogger is futzing with things as well, and I'm looking at change the layout and general look of the blog. So I apologize in advance for things looking wonky for a bit. Some of it may be beyond my control, but I'll do my best to keep it all readable.
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