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Friday, September 25, 2020

F³ Terra Firma

The arrival was pretty standard. Lots of people milling about to get off the plane and then the separation as space in the terminal permitted. I was in no rush, so I waited patiently to deplane. The business people in rows behind me passed me as I ambled up the jetway.

I was passing the other side of security when I saw Mikey and Ginny clustering their father. He held the baby and an arm around his wife as she related the events of the flight. I passed behind her so as to not get named, but Mikey saw me and waved at me. I responded in kind.

Friday, September 18, 2020

F³ Made Whole

A couple of minutes later, I was back in my original seat as Mikey trundled back, the doll behind his back as he went to his mom. By then Ginny was in her seat, belted in and awake, though still looking pretty sleepy.

As Mikey approached, she shrank away, turning into her mom and whining some.

“Ginny, your brother has something to say.”

Friday, September 11, 2020

F³ Sanity Check

Ellie grinned at the description of Connie’s mouth like a gaping black hole.

“Point is,” I said, “your man took that leap and waited on you for an answer. That was terrifying. And I guarantee that a lot of what you told me, he’s probably feeling, too. It’s tempting to wait, because if he makes the first move, you’ll know for sure, but it sounds to me that you’ve both been waiting for a while. And if you want to take some of the fear out of it, start with something safe, like, “I love you.”

Friday, September 4, 2020

F³ Descending into Fear

The captain had just finished his announcement about our descent when my stomach shifted as the plane nosed down. In my arms, Ginny stirred, mumbling, a hand coming up to her eyes to ward something off.

Ginny’s mom was suddenly beside me, and I gently handed her off. Ginny stirred some more, but didn’t wake. Ginny’s mom mouthed “Thank you.”

I nodded, making to vacate the seat and reclaim my original seat with sole ownership to both armrests.

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