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Friday, March 31, 2023

F³ The First Shoe 06

            “Mmkay, why does that concern you?” I was waiting for the shoe to drop. There had to be one. Or maybe not. So the Fairhaven Club would become yet another shadowy PAC manipulating things with dark money.

            “Do you remember the wight?”

            I could hardly forget Daniels. The supernatural sociopath had been gunning for me, but toying with me in order to build up my emotions it wanted to feed on.

            “What about him?”

            “He was chosen by a group of rarely interacting supernatural beings that operate in this area.”


            Nikki finished working on the tie, and leaned back, looking me directly in the eyes. “I have learned that they have been operating with proxies to gain control of the Fairhaven Club.”

            “Wait. Just wait. You’re telling me that they’re all working together, now?”

            “I believe so.”

            “And you’re not in on it?”

            “I believe that my association with you has made them exclude me from their machinations.”

             I wanted to swear, like really cut loose with some choice words I had learned from Cassie.

Friday, March 24, 2023

F³ Lifestyles of the Elite 05

            “So what’s the vote on?” I asked.

            Nikki’s delicate fingers worked on the tie at my throat. “I do not know.” Frustration entered her voice, and probably not because of the tie. “One of the measures passed in recent months was that senior members could ask for a vote on a proposition without prior information on the matter. Nor may the vote be postponed to give full consideration.”

            “That sounds dumb.”

            “Quite. Consequently, some matters have been passed where members have not been able to attend or even arrange for proxies because the votes came up so suddenly. Another is that votes must be made in-person, without the use of any technological aid.”

            “Really consolidating power, aren’t they? But what’s the big payoff? You must have an idea otherwise you wouldn’t want me.”

            “Since its inception, the Fairhaven Club has operated as a retreat and place of business for those of means. It was only through considerable persuasion that I gained the lone exception of female membership.”

            “Uh huh, persuasion.”

            “I do have my ways.” No smile, and completely flat delivery.

            “So it’s the rich and powerful wheeling and dealing, as usual. So what?”

            “But these were solitary men of business, who interacted with one another. I believe, Matthew, that some on the board intend to consolidate it into a concern in and of itself. The Fairhaven Club will become some kind of corporate entity that not only facilitates business and men of power, but actively operate as a single entity to pursue an agenda decided on by the board.”

            “Yeah, like that’s never happened before.”

Friday, March 17, 2023

F³ Too Tight 04

            “Tonight, the Club is having its annual Halloween celebration, which will, but in addition to the usual festivities, the board is set to cast a vote on new bylaws it wishes to adopt.”

            “So, no costumes?” For the third time, I pulled open the bow tie. It was the only thing left to put on, and I couldn’t keep it from cutting off blood flow to my brain.

            “No,” Nikki said, flatly. “In a kind of stereotypical counterculture, club members eschew costumes in favor of elegant attire.”

            “Just because?”

            “They believe the traditional art of guising to be beneath them. They have no need, you see, to pretend to be someone they are not when their lives are so exceptional.”

            I paused in my tying to look directly at her. “You’re not painting these people up to be admirable in anyway.”

            “I thought you long ago had concluded that to be the case.”

            She had a point.

            “Help me with this, will ya? Feels like a noose every time I tie it on.”

            “Hopefully, that will not be the case, tonight.”

            Gee, that’s reassuring.

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