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Friday, December 7, 2007

A thousand points of light

The line has been used before in many different ways, but usually not disparagingly. And my use is not exactly disparaging, but I do have an issue with it. I am a writer that suffers from too much light. More specifically, too many light bulbs; I have ideas that fire off rapidly, and while I make brief notes like any good writer so that I may revisit them, I'm finding, especially during this month when I'm supposed to focus, that stories that I'm trying not to focus on are the ones that insist on being written. It's as if the seeds of the story have germinated for long enough and I must shed at least some light upon them when the urge to do some comes upon me. This is not a bad thing, excepting that it distracts me from writing the story I'm trying to focus on. Instead I find that story is blocked from me. Perhaps I need to work on these other stories as a way to give myself time to work through the block, or perhaps I need to work on the story with the block and just get through it somehow. It sounds like an odd curse, but it does feel like a curse right now as I have odd snippets of stories stacking up around me, but i would like to get to a point where I can sell novels and actually earn money for my writing, and writing five or more novels simultaneously is not the way to go about it.

I know I can't repress the creative urge, even the one I had today about creating a detective based on the models put forth by Hammett and Chandler. I'm a fan of Sam Spade, and miss that kind of character that relies on wits and bold action instead of hard science to get things done. In a match between Spade and every type of CSI show, I'll take Spade any day.

And so I've digressed again. Oh well. I'll focus on the story I need to while trying not to repress the ones that create another bulb over my head.
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