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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


     When I first started writing my PI, I didn't have any set place in mind. I was just winging it. I thought about setting it in a city, somewhere, but not where I lived because I just didn't find it interesting enough. I also didn't want to do a lot of research to make the setting "real," so I opted to create my own city. It's taken awhile, but I've put in some good work and come up with a map of the place, which I'll post when I've got a final version.
     I'm not exactly sure how my city evolved into being. I think it all started with the Grind. The rough and tumble, yet trendy, neighborhood where a lot of the action takes place. I knew just from coming up with the name that I wanted a city with neighborhoods with lots of character, like New York, DC, and San Francisco. It made sense to me to divvy things up that way, and I could give more character to the city by doing so.
     Something I noticed early on was that main locations were easy to deal with. I could describe them in full detail without any problem, but secondary areas were something else. I remember the city first began to pop in my mind when I created Kairos's Gyros. The Greek immigrant who made gyros really seemed to be one of these details that went beyond what was necessary, and made the place seem alive.
     With the map I have also been generating a history of the fair city, which I may end up using for story fodder---or at least background detail---in the future. My next big challenge is to come up with streets that I can reference in the future, one of which I already have made pivotal, that will further bring the city to life.

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