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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Wrap-up 2009

     Well, another month gone. The time seems to go by so quickly now, and my totals seem to dwindle now that I'm also throwing revision into the mix. Also, I've had some difficulty with a cold and a sore back, not to mention my teaching, which has taken a toll in terms of time, but I'm still getting a goodly amount done.
     With all the extra things pulling at my time, it's been difficult to stay disciplined, especially on the weekends when I just want to crash. Not too long ago I just let writing for the day go after pushing it aside all day until no more time was left. I'm working on finding the time and forcing the writing out of me even on those days when I just want to veg. If nothing else, I should take that time and use it to do some revision to at least remain somewhat productive towards writing.
     I think something else I'm having difficulty with is the third book. I don't have Halloween Scourge mapped out yet---though I haven't with the others, either---and I think I need to spend some time fleshing out the story some more in an outline than blindly writing. Of course, the early parts of the stories always seem boring to me as I'm trying to set everything up, so I'll just keep plowing through until inspiration strikes.
     I've also started on another short story with my intrepid hero, which I'm having quite a bit of fun with thus far. I'll be posting it up when finished, probably in a couple of weeks.
     I've also finished the map and the short history of it. The map should be coming up soon, and I think I may slowly release the histories of each section of the city to get into the habit of more regular posting here. Until then, here are the monthly charts.

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