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Friday, September 24, 2010

F3 Chalk Art

     He walked through the streets with a grin of amusement. He always enjoyed seeing what contrivances mortal could come up with. Their machines were of particular interest as they had created some truly remarkable contraptions.
Today, though, he strolled through looking at displays of art. Many were the canvases and paints he was familiar with, though others used charcoal and pens to do their work.
     They had evolved their style since he had last observed their art, some hundreds of years ago during the period they called the Renaissance. What truly piqued his interest today were the pieces of what they called "street art". Artists used colored chalks to make designs on the pavement. They were quite well done, worthy of the canvas. But why do they only use chalk, to let the work be washed away by the rain?
     He kept wandering through the streets until he came to one spot where a crowd gathered along one side of a drawing. He looked down at it, and saw that it looked stretched out, and that the art was not very good. Yet why would these people be captivated with it? And why did they use the same vantage? He moved about to where the crowd was, and looked again to see that simply moving his position rendered the art understandable. He looked upon a river and waterfall drawn with chalks, he stood amazed. The detail and scope of the work amazed him, but most people had wandered away to look at other works. With no one looking, he reached down to touch the chalk, and unleashed his power upon it. Chalk and pavement transformed into a real flowing river and waterfall over a cliff. He smiled to himself, nodded at his achievement, and walked on to see what other wonders mortals had achieved.
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