A3Writer: F3 Part of The Plan
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Friday, August 12, 2011

F3 Part of The Plan

     Dying was always part of the plan. Not the smartest part, mind, but necessary. It was one of those things that I would leave out of the plan if I could. Unfortunately I just couldn't make the math work out without dying. I didn't get to go out easy, either. No clever drugs to simulate death. No magic spells that eased my passage. No gently falling asleep and then waking up in the everafter. No, this was going to hurt.
     I raised my staff in challenge to the demon. The jagged, broken end fitfully spit sparks of blue and yellow. The monstrosity, twenty feet tall, laughed. I gathered what little power I had left, using my free hand to wipe the blood from my eyes, and hurled bolts of lightning at the demon. The demon's claws blackened and burned under the attack, but it did not flinch.
     Then the rock came hurtling towards me, as big as VW bug, but not as friendly.
     Pain such as I would not dare imagine hit me. Bones shattered and flesh tore all over my body.
     The pain did not subside as I died. I felt a separation from my body, but the memory of pain remained with me. That was important, otherwise I might move on to final rest. I needed the pain as a focus, as an anchor. There would be a way back once I found what I needed. Richard better damn well make this right. I urged my limping spirit into the swirling grey limbo. This job was just beginning.