A3Writer: F3 A Night Off
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

F3 A Night Off

     "So, what shall we do with the rest of our evening?"
     A chess game sounded good. A nice flick sounded better. Dinner was always an option, too. "Dinner and a movie," I pitched.
     "No doubt some black and white noir film festival."
     "You know me pretty well, but I was actually thinking a really bad B vampire movie we can make fun of."
     Nikki laughed so hard she snorted,
and for the first time I thought she might actually be embarrassed as she clapped hands to her face. I laughed, nearly losing my ability to stay upright, but Nikki kept me pinned to the chair. Nikki, though, did lose control, and fell against me in a fit of laughter. We kept laughing, feeding off one another for another five minutes until the fits and giggles finally subsided.
     "I have not laughed in . . . too long. Thank you, Matthew. Yes, I think that is a very fine idea. We're a bit overdressed, however. We shall have to change again."
     I looked at her gown, then down at my suit. We would fit in at the opera or a black tie affair, but not at the movie theater. I shook my head. "Screw it. You look amazing, and I don't look half bad, so we go as is. We go like we are, and get hot dogs, and popcorn, and candy, and just be ourselves. And we heckle the crap out of a bad movie."
     She gave me a smile that would do for the Grinch after his heart swelled. I felt genuinely warmed by that smile. I was used to the seductive, wicked smiles she gave me, not something so sincere. I liked it.
     "Matthew, you do know how to show a gal a good time."