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Friday, May 3, 2013

F3 Bombing Run

            “All right. So, are we clear on how this is going to play out?” Professor Alex Henderson asked.
            They stood on top of the Physics building. The six story overlooked much of the campus, including the gymnasium and the pool.
            A hand went up in the gathered throng, nearly sixty students, and the professors’ wives.
            “Yes, Michael?”
            “I’m a little concerned about the wind from this elevation.” Michael was one of Eric Stubens’s Advanced Physics students. “Will we be able to correctly fly with so much weight?”
            Alex stepped aside to let his colleague field the answer. After all, my area of expertise is history.
            “We’ve had our practice runs with an equivalent amount of weight, but the wind is a factor. We’ll wait until the breeze is at its lowest ebb,” Eric assured him.
            “Now, physics students,” Alex announced, “ready your controls. History students arm the planes and prepare for launch.
            The history students opened up the ice chests full of ice water and water balloons. The balloons had chilled nicely. Fully inflated they were about the size of a vine-grown tomato. They loaded four of the balloons into a specially deisgned bay on the bottom of the planes. When loaded, the physics students started up the motor on the plane. The history students hurled them into the air.
            “All right everyone,” Alex said, handling the controls to his own plane next to Eric who had his specially rigged bomber with a dozen balloons, “aim for the hovering quadrotor and wait for my mark to begin your bombing run. We are taking out Pearl Harbor at all costs.”
            The planes began their high-flying run, the sound dropped to a low buzz at that altitude. When they reached the quadrotor, Alex gave the mark. As one all the planes went into a steep power dive, just as Japanese Zeroes would do, then they began emptying their bomb bays onto the swimmers below.
            Mass panic ensued as the balloons delivered their ice water ordnance. Swimmers panicked, attempting to find cover from the onslaught of nearly one hundred and fifty water balloons.
            The lifeguards blew their whistles in vain as people ran, the shrieks from the students at the pool reaching all the way to the top of the science tower while the quadrotor and three other students at strategic points around the pool videotaped the chaos.
            They brought all the planes back in, securing them and congratulating one another on a successful attack.
            “I think we can call this a successful reenactment of Pearl Harbor,” Alex smiled. “Assignments are due Monday. Class dismissed.”
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