A3Writer: F3 Lack of Automation
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Friday, August 16, 2013

F3 Lack of Automation

            Peter Flynn rubbed at his eyes as he stared at the pressure readout on the gauge in front of him. The numbers kept slowly climbing to the red zone. Flynn turned the valve, causing a great woosh in the nearby pipes. He waited until the numbers fell down through the yellow and into the low end of the green before restoring the valve to its original position.
            Normally this job was done by the ship’s automated systems, but a fight with some pirates over their cargo had sent a tiny piece of shrapnel bouncing through the zero gravity hall to destroy the valve’s automated controller. And Calypso didn’t have a secondary automated control.
            So every three and a half minutes Flynn had to relieve the pressure on the system or the ship would explode while the ship limped to the nearest port for repairs. Stars above do I miss double and triple redundancies on a ship. This never would happen on an Alliance ship.
That wasn’t true. Problems of this nature still occurred on Alliance ship, but that was a problem for engineers and enlisted sailors. Never would an officer, much less the captain, get stuck on regulator duty.
But here was Flynn, Captain of the freighter Calypso, on regulator duty. He was the only one left to do the job as the rest of the crew tended other systems in similar states.


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