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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travel Bag

            As I’m considering more and more travel, I’m considering an upgrade to my travel bag. I’m currently using a canvas Everest backpack, which is fairly spacious and fits well into the carry-on area. But it isn’t spacious enough. While I can squeeze about a week’s worth of clothing and gear with nothing to spare.
            I won’t go with a rolling carry-on. I don’t like having to drag something behind me, and the handles are too short. No one ever considered designing a roll-around carry-on for someone who’s 6’8”. Go figure. I like backpacks vs duffels, so I’m leaning towards another backpack. I have heard some good things about the Tom Bihn bags and the Red Oxx bags, so I’m looking at them. One of my big hang-ups is about access. I want to fully open up my bag instead of having to cram what I pack in piece by piece because the zippered compartment opens a tiny flap vs the whole space.
            The other big hang-up is the cost. These are not cheap bags. Not cheap is good. Not cheap means it will last. But with prices that are similar to an airline ticket, I have to pause. I’m a poor, struggling college professor, so do I really need to invest in an expensive bag?
            I think the answer will depend on just how much more traveling I intend to do.

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