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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Conference Reflections Go Forth

            I’m a tech guy. I have multiple laptops, game consoles, and all manner of electronic devices around, but the one place I don’t readily focus on tech is in teaching. Sure, I use it when it’s available, but I don’t rely on it. I can always get by without it. And that’s because the tech will flake out at the wrong moment.
            I saw a couple of presentations at the conference that went awry because they couldn’t use their multimedia presentations. They had no handouts, and the tech simply didn’t work for them. It wasn’t their equipment, and they weren’t that tech savvy to begin with, so bad things naturally happened. Trying to peer at the tiny screen of a laptop streaming a video from the back of a room was not a good plan B, either.
            I’ve often thought about a personal pico projector to use at a conference, but the expense has put me off. I’d certainly have a better shot of getting a presentation to work with my own tech rather than rely on that of the facility, but it seems like an unnecessary expense, especially given my teaching methodology.
            Also, I would much rather give my attendees a well-written and comprehensive handout rather than a flashy presentation. They can take the handout with them, take notes on it, and follow along with what I’m saying. I don’t understand presenters that use two word bulleted lists in the handouts, but that’s another topic entirely.

 P.S. Bonus points for those who got the Black Adder reference.

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