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Friday, February 17, 2017

F3 Breaking In

            I slid the tool in, working it between the door and the guard that was there to prevent exactly what I attempted. The steel was thin, but strong, hardened just for these purposes. My fingers, though, were not used to it. Minutes ticked by as I fidgeted with the lock, knowing that at any time one of them could—
            I froze as I heard a sound from inside the house. I left my tool in the door, and took quick steps away and around the corner. My heart pounded, and I had to make myself take long, calming breath so I could hear clearly. A light flicked on, and I could hear voices yelling back and forth, but it was too indistinct to make out.
            After a few minutes, and a growing fear they were going to come outside, the light went off. I waited two more minutes for my veins to stop throbbing and my hands to stop shaking from the sudden burst of adrenaline.
            I went back to the sliding door to try again. After a minute, I heard the click, which, to me, sounded like a large snap. With a smooth, even pull, I got the door open, and slid it closed behind me.
            I kept low, ducking under the kitchen counter as I made my way to the hall. So far it didn’t seem as if they had heard me, and I aimed to keep it that way. Down the hall, lights flickered, like from a TV. I was about to head to the garage when I heard them speaking. I didn’t understand it, but the language sounded familiar. My partner had mangled his way through it often enough that I had come to recognize the sounds: Hebrew.

            “Hebrew? Like, the Bible?” Jessie asked.
            I nodded. “Interesting enough for you, Nikki?” I smirked.
            “That depends on what they were saying.”
            “I have no idea. I don’t speak Hebrew, even now.”
            Nikki let out a long, patient sigh. “you would be truly something if you had applied yourself, Matthew.”
            “But you’d never know it because we wouldn’t have met, then. Besides, there are things that can’t be unlearned. I’d prefer not to know exactly what they were saying. I got the gist soon enough.”
            “So why are you interrupting yourself, now?”
            I shrugged. “Dramatic tension?”
            “Dun dun dun!” Jessie said.
            Nikki sighed again.
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