A3Writer: F³ Storm Riders Take Las Vegas
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Friday, October 13, 2017

F³ Storm Riders Take Las Vegas

            Las Vegas loomed below the clouds, the Luxor Pyramid’s light did nothing but define the thick, black masses that drizzled rain. But it wouldn’t stay a drizzle. The various weather stations predicted a thunderstorm, but not until much later. However, they hadn’t reckoned with me and the other storm riders.

            I sat perched on a shelf I had carved out of the cloud. I had gotten away early, but could feel in the air that the energy was coming. After over a year of being a storm rider, I had thought my senses would have stopped changing, but there were continuous variations, like growth spurts. One such change told me that the west wind carried more than just the clouds.
            Then, at the edge of my vision and sense, I felt/saw the flashes. A dozen bolts of lightning arced across the sky from southern Utah. The bolts didn’t travel the hundreds of miles to me, but they did catapult the riders through the air at several times the speed of sound.
            Natalie coasted in first, skating into my cloud shelf to park her hip next to mine.
            “Hey, sailor. Come here often?”
            “Not often enough,” I grinned. “Nice dress.”
            “You think?” She plucked at the hem of the tight, filmy dress that revealed lacy underwear underneath.
            “Absolutely. It does interesting things when soaked from the clouds, too.”
            “It does, doesn’t it? We’re going to have so much fun clubbing.”
            “Are we going to avoid getting arrested?”
            “Woooo!” a new voice yelled as he surfed to a landing just ahead of the others in the group.”
            “Probably not,” Natalie rolled her eyes. “Jack’s here.”