A3Writer: F³ WIP Grounded
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Friday, January 12, 2018

F³ WIP Grounded

            I hadn’t expected Nikki to be in the office when I got there, but she sat on the edge of Jessie’s desk in a brand new business suit identical to the one before. She had also fixed up her hair. Jen was there, too, and the four women had been laughing at something on Jessie’s computer screen, but conspiratorially went quiet when I came in.
            “Okay, so what’s the gag?”
            “No gag,” Jen said. “We just want to make you sweat.”
            I shut the door behind me. “Heck, that’s not hard.”
            “Oh?” Nikki arched an eyebrow.
            I didn’t reply, just set the pizza and doughnuts out.
            “Anything happen while I was gone?”
            “While you two were duking it out with lawyers in Midtown, I picked up some chatter on Twitter,” Jen grinned.
            “I don’t even know what that means.”
            A collective groan went up from all the women.
            I shrugged, tearing into a slice of sausage pizza.
            “Something happened in Shadow Valley. Listen to this.” Jen read out, “ ‘Gunfire in #ShadowValley #LittleRussia #BPD.’ ”
            I flicked eyes at Nikki, but she gave no reaction.
            “ ‘OMG, are those gunshots? #ShadowValleyTours #ShadowValley’”
            “Oh, Emm, Gee. Don’t people use words, anymore?” I asked.
            Cassie showed me her phone. A message was typed out. “LOL, whatevs, UM, like ur totes lame.”
            “That’s it, you’re grounded.”
            “For crimes against the English language.”
            “This,” Jen came back, “from the man who can hold an entire conversation in 40s slang.”
            “Listen, Dollface, you gotta know how to keep the buzzers off when the heat is on, otherwise you’re in the clink looking at going stoolie.”
            “Ugh, that’s horrible,” Cassie said. “You’re grounded, too.”