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Friday, August 31, 2018

F³ An Offer of A Good Time

            After getting off the phone with Collins, I made one of my own.
            “Dumpling, what a surprise,” came Nikki’s musical voice.
            “I need you tonight.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I winced.

            “I’ve waited so long, knowing that you would one day acknowledge your need for me. And I sahll bring to you a night of pleasures that has not been experienced since the harems of old. I—”
            “I hate to interrupt what I’m sure has been a long-prepared speech on wowing me with your feminine charms, but I need backup on a stakeout.”
            The line went silent.
            “Your romantic skills need much polish, Matthew. This is hardly my idea of a date?”
            “Okay, I call BS on that one. This is exactly your idea of a date.”
            “Sitting in a car or van for hours on end simply watching a residence is hardly a proper use of time.”
            “Yeah, well, if it was an ordinary stakeout, I wouldn’t need you.”
            “What are you implying?”
            “There’s a very good chance that I’m going to run into a faerie.”
            “Yeah. That amulet, well, I think it’s being manufactured, at least in part, by faeries.”
            “And what of the other part.”
            “My best guess is Daniels. So, yeah, that should be enough excitement for you, a faerie woman and a wight.”
            “You have captured my interest, Matthew. I daresay it will change my wardrobe for the evening’s activities.”
            “Right. Meet me at 1753 South Shoreside Drive.” I crumpled the paper and put it in my pocket.
            “I think not.”
            “Why not?”
            “It’s impractical for us to take two cars on a stakeout. I would have expected an investigator of your caliber to understand that.”
            “Fine, I’ll come pick you up. Less than an hour.”
            “Until then, sweetling. And we shall take up the other offer anon.”

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