A3Writer: F³ WIP Weird Date
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Friday, September 28, 2018

F³ WIP Weird Date

            For a wonder, Nikki was waiting for me in the parking garage by a car. Instead of her usual gowns, she wore pants that hugged her, but did not constrain her, and what looked like bulletproof vest if it had been designed to mold to a woman’s curves like a corset. A black backpack, looking distinctly military, rested on the rear fender of the car.

            I parked next to her and got out. “Hey, thanks for doing this.”
            She gave me a smile and a small nod.
            “So, you want to follow me there?”
            “It’s rather redundant for us to both take a vehicle. Climb in.”
            “I’ve got gear,” I said.
            She popped the trunk and tossed in her backpack, gesturing like Vanna White. We could have just as easily taken my car, but then I thought about what happened the last time I took my car somewhere potentially dangerous. A loop of my old taurus exploding in a fireball played in my head. I grabbed the large duffel from my trunk and dropped it in.
            “That seems excessive, Matthew.”
            I shrugged. “It’s a freaking fae. I preferred to go the ‘be prepared’ route on this one.”
            She frowned at me, then. “What do you intend witht his . . . stakeout?”
            “Me? I want to survive. Evidence of the drugs is good, too, but survival is key.”
            “And the police will be supporting this endeavor sometime tonight?”
            I gave a helpless shrug.
            “So we’ll just treat this like a date.”
            “Well, sure. How about we go to a seedy dock in Shoreward and spy on a some drug dealers, a wraith, and one of the Tuatha dé Danann?”
            “We might have to work on improving our dates in the future, but I suppose it will do for tonight.”