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Friday, July 28, 2023

F³ Planting Seeds 23

Nikki sat back down, elegantly. “Tell me more.”

            “So, this place is nothing but maneuvering and scheming for power, which is why I don’t care for it. Your meeting earlier was those smug SOBs refusing to divulge their plans, but they were likely talking about them somewhat openly because that’s what this place does.”

            Nikki nodded.

            “Okay, so, they have likely picked up that you want to know their plans.”

            “Very likely, yes, since I all but directly asked them.”

            “Did they kind of do the same with regards to your plans?”

            “Yes. It is the expected norm in this establishment. In particular, they were interested in the proxy vote you delivered and what I might have behind it all.”

            “And you didn’t give that away, I’m sure, but did you hint at anything else?”

            “Not as such, no, namely as I have no current scheme. Well, not when it comes to making arrangements through the Club.”

            “That’s exactly what we need to do, then.”

            “You wish to get in on one of my schemes, and facilitate it here at the club?”

            “Well, no. I don’t know, I don’t’ want to know, and certainly don’t want to be involved in such, even if you had one ready to go. But we don’t have to have a real scheme. In fact, it’s better if we don’t. We only want to make it look like you’re making plays.”

            For the first time since we arrived at the club, Nikki’s smile became mischievous. “Now you have my complete attention.”

            “Right, so, you’re going to need to fill me in a little bit about these people so we can come up with moves that they’re going to buy into.”

            “Your brand of chess again, Matthew?”

            It took ma second to make the connection, then I nodded. “Yeah. Strategy for the player, not just the game.”

            “You owe me a rematch, you know.”

            “Maybe, but after tonight you’re going to know a lot more of my moves.”

            “Then let us begin.”

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