A3Writer: F3 Moon on the water
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Friday, August 6, 2010

F3 Moon on the water

     The brilliant orb of the moon hung low in the sky. A full moon, but not just any moon, a moon that could only be seen on the open water. The water did that. The moon, the sun, the stars, all seemed a little brighter on the black sea.

     Navigation, at least up close, was a simple matter with the moon like that. Even now the silhouette of the island made charting a course as simple as pointing the ship at it instead of relying on the stars and charts.
     No lights. This side of the island was untouched by man, and would make for an easy approach.
     Staring into that full moon low on the horizon was like staring into the sun. But used properly, she would light up anything on the island just enough so torches weren't needed, at least by those that didn't want attention.
     Standing by the wheel, a large hat and slightly finer clothes marked out the captain, who quietly gave the order to the wheelman. The ship slowly turned to port, bringing them alongside the coast to where they would sail around until they could see the fort.
     Starboard guns were already in place, their crews awaiting the order to touch matches to powder. On the port side, a long boat held crew ready to disembark on their own mission.
     The captain stroked the hilt of his cutlass. Port Royal lay ripe with gold and women under a pirate's moon.

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