A3Writer: F3 Missing: Prince Charming
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Friday, April 1, 2011

F3 Missing: Prince Charming

     The knock on my door eventually cut through the haze of my pixie nectar hangover. No one ever mentions the after kick that stuff packs. I staggered to the source of the knock, a response less conscious than necessary response to the pain the knocking caused.
     I pulled the rough wooden door open, and squinted at the too cheerful sunlight, wanting to recoil back into the darkness of my bed.

     "Master Faraday." A blobby silhouette said.
     "Yes, Master Faraday."
     "I told you, call me Sam," I replied to the Captain of the Guard.
     "There are proprieties to observer, Master Faraday."
     "Uh huh. What do you need? I finally got all the evidence on that Goldilocks broad. She should be going away for a long time."
     "No. That's all in order. We have another situation."
     "What is it this time?"
     "We have a, what did you call it? A Snow White."
     "So? What's the problem? It ain't my department. Prince Charming will come along and wake her up, defeat the evil whatever that put her under, married, happily ever after, the end."
     "That's just it. Prince Charming has gone missing."
     "Which one?"
     "All of them."
     "All of them?"
     "Well, all of the unmarried ones eligible to rescue a princess."
     "God, I need some coffee."
     "Some what?"
     "Nevermind. Okay. I'll look into it."
     I shut the door on him, and resisted the urge to crawl back into bed.
     Kidnaped Prince Charming. All of 'em. That was new. And that was why I was here. Even the Realms of Fairy Tale had mean streets. Time to go to work. I really wished they had coffee here.