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Friday, May 20, 2011

F3 New Officers

     "A ship," Captain Avery began, "is alive."
     "Sir? Do you mean the A.I.s?" the fresh ensign pushed the round glasses to the top of his nose.
     "No. I don't mean an A.I. Though, obviously those ships are alive, too, and in a much more tangible way. Even without artificial intelligence,
a ship is alife. Each one has her own quirks, her own preferences, and her own personality. There are some things you can ask her to do, and she'll balk you. If you try to force her, it won't turn out well. If you abuse her, she'll leave you." Avery walked over, and caressed a bulkhad.
     "But if you treat her like the lady she is. If you make her a lover, and are faithful, she'll never let you down. You'll fly her into danger. You'll go into battle. Fend off a comet. Circle a black hole. You'll ask her to sacrifice herself, and she'll do it without hesitation. She'll give you more she was meant to. Ever circuit, every bolt, every piece of thermoplast and entarian steel will go beyond her specs. She's alive with the spirit of her crew.
     "This is your first posting. One of many you'll have over your years in the fleet. You'll see many ships, and you might be tempted to think of them as 'just another ship', one of the many you've seen and lived on. The ships respond to what you do. Treat her well, and she'll treat you well. I expect all of you to treat her like the lady she is. Dismissed."
     The thirty Ensigns dispersed.
     "A fine speech, sir. Do you think it will work?" The XO said beside Avery.
     Avery watched the ensigns file out, but one of them paused, and stroked one of the bulkheads. "There. Keep an eye on that one. He'll make captain in a few years."
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