A3Writer: F3 Riding the Lightning
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Friday, July 22, 2011

F3 Riding the Lightning

     "You never forget your first time," Jack shouted above the wind.
     Rain soaked and plastered clothing against skin. Trees bowed in obeisance to the storm's fury. The two of us stood waiting at the edge of clouds.
     "There. Aim for that bank." He pointed to another set of grey-black clouds limned with pulses of lightning.
     I poised, ready, feeling the cloud beneath my feet become electric. I reached a hand back, like a runner prepared to receive a baton. Fingers tingled as I flexed them, the energy gathering. I stretched out my other hand aimed directly at the bank Jack had pointed at, creating a channel with my arms. I glanced out the corner of my eye to see Jack doing the same, but he looked more practiced.
     "Ready?" He grinned.
     I swallowed. "Ready."
     Time slowed.
     There was no sound that I could remember, but I felt a tiny pop in the air as lightning coursed up my backward-extended arm. The electric python coiled around one arm, then the next before it arced away. Before it completely left, my pointing hand clamped down on the bolt.
     I no longer tried to channel the bolt, but seized it, tried to become part of it. The bolt dragged me along, zigging and zagging as only lightning could traveling miles in mere seconds. Eight seconds on a bull had nothing on riding the lightning.
     The bolt connected with the other clouds, and I sprawled in the clouds after rolling several times, landing upside down. I laughed. It was all I could do.
     You think that's something," Jack leaned over, turning his head sideways, "wait till you try riding one down to the ground."