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Friday, June 15, 2012


     Supervillainy, as popularized by comic books, film, and spy novels is characterized by lasers, shiny materials, and evil laughter. One out of three is a terrible ratio, but I can't give up the laugh. But, really, I have cause for the laugh. Humor is important. A plan should be both practical and humorous whenever possible, and I watched the monitor over Atlanta with child-like anticipation. This was going to be good.

      Tracking satellites marked the trajectory, and it was only a matter of seconds until impact. I watched as a snowball, hurled from the frozen north of Greenland, splatted on top of Atlanta's city hall. The initial impact flattened the ball to nothing, causing it to spread over the entire block. An equal amount bounced back into the air to come back down as a light snowfall. Best of all were the bewildered expressions on the faces of people as the July sun poured down on them. In a matter of hours the snow would be gone, but until then, Atlanta would be in disarray, which was the point.
      I hit the intercom button. "The Inter-Continental Ballistic Snowball is a success! Prepare the cannon array for mass assault." The ground crews had a moment where they cheered, then they moved into action. I set the coordinates for Paris. With enough volleys, I could make the Eiffel Tower into the world's largest snowman. I felt the laugh come upon me, and I let it out.

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