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Friday, January 18, 2013

F3 Imprisoned

            I contemplated the contents of the box. It looked like a sugar crystal like I had grown as a kid. Except this sugar crystal continued to change its shape. It slowly went through geometric variations, forming cubic crystals, quartz-like spindles, prisms, tetrahedrons, and shapes-with-even-bigger-prefixes-attached-to-hedron.

The changes seemed without pattern as I had watched it for hours, trying to decide if it was an attempt at communication. If it was, I couldn’t decipher the code. The crystals didn’t hum, didn’t glow, didn’t do anything other than change shape and strained to reach past some invisible field within the box. Even with the lid open, the crystal couldn’t push past the top of the box. In fact, it didn’t even touch the box in any way. It sort of hovered in place, equidistant from all edges.
I hadn’t been brave enough to try touching the crystal. I know better than to try something like that. Max’s notes on the object held his trademarked terseness in the logbook: “Shapechanging crystal. Beats me.”
While I was at a loss for the crystal, I did know the box held containment glyphs and geograms. I knew because I had used one to contain a demon inside a man. It wasn’t exactly the same, but there were enough similarities that I reasoned it to be the case.
“The question is, what is being imprisoned?”
Generally imprisonment was done for a good reason, such as to segregate criminals and dangerous folk away from everyone else. But when it came to magic, imprisonment was often done for power or other purposes.
So this is either something really bad that will get loose and run rampant, or a being wrongfully imprisoned. And I have no way of knowing which.
I closed the lid of the box, then pushed it back on the shelf. I made a few notes in the new logbook of things to try to discover what it was, and moved on to the next item.
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