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Friday, February 1, 2013

F3 Magtubes

            One of the only advantages of Core systems was the presence of Magtubes. Parked in an orbit of 500 miles from most planets and a 100 miles long itself, Magtubes provided a quick way to accelerate a ship in a star system. The combination of electromagnetic and gravnet could accelerate a modest-sized ship towing up to three cargo pods to .2c by the end of the tube, shaving hours, even days off of system travel. Some tubes were designated strictly for cargo pods, allowing them to be slung directly at capturing tubes part of orbital stations.

            Those were just the civilian versions. The Fleet versions were much more fun.
Flynn piloted the cutter into position. The MGAA (Magneto Gravitic Acceleration Assist) clamped onto the ship.
            “Lieutenant Flynn,” The captain began, “set kinetic struts and gravnet for rapid acceleration, maximum power.”
            “Aye, sir,” Flynn acknowledged. “Kinetic struts and gravnet standing by.”
            “Sir,” Lt. Phelps said from the operations station, “I have confirmation of Magtube Kinetic struts and and gravnet have augmented our own.”
            “Very good.” A chime rang throughout the ship, preceding the Captain’s voice. “All hands, prepare for Magtube acceleration.”
            “Sir, all stations report ready.”
            “Engage Magtube.”
            Flynn hit the command on his console, which fired off Triumph’s engines. The Magtube’s harness fired in response, dragging the ship forward at incredible speed. Flynn felt the metal ribbing of his seat through the ample cushion. The breath was squeezed from his body, though circulation continued due to the seat’s cushion.
Fortunately the kinetic struts and gravnet compensation began or he and the seat would have been ripped from the deck, along with everyone else, to be mushed against the bridge’s rear bulkhead.
            After another moment the tube’s harness broke free. The ship’s own struts and gravnet nearly redlined on Flynn’s display before they matched the acceleration.
            Flynn pulled breath into his lungs again as the constant pressure became bearable.
            “Report,” Captain Tener called.
            “Sir, we have accelerated to .3c.”
            “Excellent. Quite a rush, isn’t it, Lieutenant?”
            “Yes, sir. Much better than what the civves get to play with.”
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