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Friday, June 28, 2013

F3 Calling Mom

            Night had just rolled in. I had made all the preparations I could. All of the gear I dared take, much good it would do me, scattered across my desk in the office. I fast approached the point of no return. When I left, that would be it, I was committed.
            I pulled out my cell and dialed a Florida number. They might be in bed by now, but
            I cut the thought off as a woman answered the phone with a somewhat sleepy “Hello?”
            “Ma, it’s Matt. Did I wake you?”
            “Matt? No, no. I was just watching a Matlock re-run with Dad. Is everything all right?”
            “Yeah, it’s fine. I just, well, I wanted to tell you thanks, Ma.”
            “Thanks, for what?”
            “For raising me.”
            “It’s not Mother’s Day, Matt. Or Christmas. You never say those things except on holidays. What’s wrong?”
            “Nothing. I just wanted you to know. I mean, I know you don’t really understand or approve of what I do, but I deal with some pretty bad people.” The mobsters aren’t the worst part by far. Vampires, megalomaniacal witches, possessive spirits, and worse. “Because of you I—well, I don’t always make the right choice at the time, but I like to think I make up for it and do right by the end. And that’s because of you.”
            “Thank you, Matt. That’s always nice to hear. Now, you’re sure you’re all right? I can put Dad on the phone for you if you need something.”
            “Everything is pretty normal, Ma. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I’ll call another day to talk to Dad. Bye, Ma. Love you.”
            “All right. Love you, too, Matt.”

            I clicked my phone off. A mother needs to know her son loves her before he might end up dead.
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