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Friday, July 4, 2014

F3 Fireworks

            “I still do not know how you talked me into this,” Nikki said.
            The waters of Badon Bay were perfect this time of year, and we sat halfway between Larson and the coast. The lights on the Fairhaven shore were easy to see, as was this year’s barge. Other boats got closer, right up to the perimeter that Belport’s Coast Guard would allow.
            “It’s because I’m adorable. Besides, I came from Boston. We practically lived and breathed the 4th. They had boats out in Boston Harbor and on the Charles River with fireworks. This is my element.”
            “Notions of the nation’s independence are quaint to me,” she settled the towel on the boat’s windshield before reclining against it in her bikini.
            “Well, when you’re from Germany I can understand that. Not to mention you’re older than this country.”
            “So, again, how did you persuade me?”
            “I pointed out that you would get to wear a bikini out here. And you thought it would be interesting to try my crab.”
            My crab pot sat on a little induction burner with a big pot on it stuffed with the typical crab pot fare: Dungeness crabs, corn cobs, potatoes, sausage, and my dad’s essential spices and other ingredients.
            “I still think you bamboozled me in other ways.”
            “Of course,” I smiled.
            “Hmmm. How was that again?”
            “Shh, the fireworks are starting.” I joined her on the towel, reclining back as the distant barge started lobbing fireworks up. They burst with the typical blossoms of colored fire, some taking on fanciful patterns while others rocketed in stages up and up before a multitude of bomb bursts.
            I didn’t think much about the country’s birthday. I thought about being a kid in Boston as Dad took us to the beach or would charter a small boat in the harbor to do this very same thing. Those memories were what made the night magical. And it’s good to share it with someone important in my life.
            I put my arm around Nikki. “Thanks, doll.”

            “Ah, yes, now I remember. Happy Fourth of July, Matthew.”
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