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Friday, November 7, 2014

F3 The Ship

            Pallas Station, as was the case with most stations in the Alliance Core, boasted a large size. Over fifty thousand people called the station home. Everything that could be offered by the system was, in fact, offered. Pallas orbited a Neptunian ice giant at the lagrangian point for its largest moon, Antioch, which also happened to be outside the scattered ring system.
            Pallas served as a home for the mining that took place on Antioch, as well as trade from without the system. But since the adoption of jump drives in the core worlds, sailing ships, and the trade such ships brought, had become almost nonexistent.
            For that reason, Flynn felt he could get a good deal on a sailer.
            He and Eltie toured ship after ship, rejecting the top-of-the line used models because of their cost and facilities. Eltie demanded a ship with some kind of weapons. At the least, Flynn wanted a ship with the weapon mounts beyond point defense lasers.
            Finally, Charlie Brethin showed them a nereid class ship. Her hull hadn’t been cleaned in some time, showing a a patina of intrasolar dust. Even so, she seemed to call out to Flynn. As they toured the ship, which had the requisite weapon mounts in both an upper and lower magazine for Eltie, Flynn found himself touching the ship, running hands over bulkheads, pipes, and consoles, much as he had on Atlas.
Her lines had a grace to them the others hadn’t. They tried to impress with power and size, boasting engines that could easily handle a small cargo train, insuring the maximum payout for the cost. The little nereid class could handle three cargo pods, tops. Her engines were not impressive, and the amount of sail she could handle was small in comparison. But she had a soul to her the others didn’t. This was a ship that wanted to be back among the stars, which was exactly where Flynn wanted to go.
            After a test flight to make sure her sails worked, Flynn offered up the standard retina scan and thumbprint, sealing the deal. On the registration form, Flynn didn’t hesitate on the name: Calypso.

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