A3Writer: F3 Different Tricks
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Friday, March 20, 2015

F3 Different Tricks

            As a Storm Rider, I’m still a complete newbie.
            “Reilly, you need to be focusin’ ” Delphine told me in her thick Creole accent.
            I tried, pushing the charge in my body out of my finger and into a rotating spherical pattern. It didn’t work. No matter how I pushed, prodded, guided, or yelled in frustration, I couldn’t get the lightning to do what I wanted. At best I would shoot out a normal bolt of lightning. At worst I triggered some kind of weird feedback that knocked me on my ass.
            This just happened.
            The cloud wall stretched and rebounded softly, but I still fell on my ass as my whole body felt like a jolted funny bone.
            Natalie laughed from her Zen-like cross-legged seat in mid-air.
            “You don’t be doin’ it right.” Delphine accused.
            “Yeah, I got that.” I sat up.
            I shook my head to clear the cobwebs then pushed myself up, ready to try again. I didn’t need to do this. We all had our own tricks for working the weather, things that we were better or worse at. Natalie could cloudsurf with the best of them. Anna-Marie cloudstepped better than anyone I knew. I had a knack for riding the lightning, but my windwalking sucked. I could do chain lightning, but I wanted ball lightning, convinced that if I could get it, maybe I could get a handle on Jack’s lightning sword.
            “Walk me through it one more time?” I asked Delphine.
            “My husband learn my jambalaya recipe faster dan dis.”
            “Right. Just one more time.”
            I began, following her steps to the letter. I got as far as a circle in my palm when the lightning exploded, knocking me down again.
            Natalie fell to the cloud laughing.