A3Writer: F3 No More Hopscotch
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Friday, May 15, 2015

F3 No More Hopscotch

            Flynn watched the processed visual feed on the main display. The ship’s computers filtered the incoming light and updated every couple of seconds in order to give an approximation of what occurred, and that was a consequence of travelling at two point four light years per hour. The amount of light information was staggering. Without the processed feed, it would be nothing but white light in front of them and impenetrable darkness behind.
            It’s better than jump drives.
            Flynn hadn’t thought that before. He had served only sparsely on sailing vessels before, the older ships of the Fleet. The modern ships all used jump engines to move from one star system to the next. They were quick, efficient, and saved enormous time by not having to travel through the out regions of a star system.
            But the exploration and romance of traveling through the stars couldn’t be had with jump drives. The constant hopscotch between complete systems only ruined the grandeur of what was out here. Sailing, Flynn could explore a supernova remnant, visit protostars, skirt black holes, and chart out neutron stars. These were places jump engines couldn’t go, but could only hopscotch around them.
            No more hopscotch for me.
            He put in a course correction that would swing them past a binary neutron star.
            Because I’ve never seen one before.

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