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Friday, August 14, 2015

F3 Rodeo

            “Yee haw!” I yelled.
            I stood on the northeaster edge of the storm. In front of me stretched clear, blue, unsuspecting skies. Behind me seethed a black, roiling mass of a storm.
            “Lassoed us a big’un, didn’t we?” Kate drawled.
            I grinned back. “We sure did. You don’t think we overdid it, do you?”
            “It’s hard to say. Either the heatwave will blunt the storm, or it will go completely nuts and open a rift on us. I’d like to see the sorcerer’s magic deal with this, though.”
            “No doubt. So, it’s your show, when do we pour on the speed?”
            “Eh, now’s good.”
            She sliced off a piece of cloud she stood on, making it into a rough cloud board.
            “I’ll push, you pull.”
            She flipped her board backwards, arcing over the cloud mass.
            I sliced off some cloud myself, but took a few moments to sculpt it into an aerodynamic shape. I took my board into a steep dive, aiming for the center mass of the cloud, where it would be densest. The convection currents were strong here, sending the moisture in the cloud up and down, freezing, melting, refreezing, and so on throughout the mass.
            I grabbed some of the cloud and started creating a rope. It didn’t take long. I didn’t have to physically extrude the entire cloud. I could mentally organize the clouds how I wanted, turning a glob into a coil of rope. It looked more like cotton candy then rope, but it should work.
            It acted more like bungee cord than rope, anyway, again obeying how I wanted it to be. I surfed out in front of the storm pulling on the rope behind me. The rope wasn’t to actually pull the storm. That was ridiculous. It served to anchor me to the storm, and to act as a kind of guide for me to know if we were on track.
            A mile or two out from the storm I started gathering the wind, then sent it surging in front of me. Kate did the same from behind, but aiming wind directly at the storm. We created pressure differentials in the air that the storm would have to follow, fast tracking the storm to Belport.
            If the rodeos in Colorado had been like this, I would have gone to them.

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