A3Writer: F3 Bad Weather
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Friday, August 19, 2016

F3 Bad Weather

            The sky drizzled out my window, the afternoon sun hidden by thick, grey clouds. It was a typical summer day in Belport. Business had been slow, so I gave Jessie and Jen the afternoon off. Not for the first time, I thought about closing the office for the day. No one needed my services on a day like today.
            Well, more on today than on a bright, sunny day.
            My phone rang, the cell instead of the office. I expected Nikki, but it wasn’t her ring tone.
            “Kate?” I answered.
            “Hi, Matt.” Her voice sounded strained.
            Way to go, Matt. A plus for wit, there.
            “Listen, can we talk?” Static crackled on the line.
            “If this is about our date, I just, well, y’know—”
            “No, it’s not about that. I need help.”
            “You in trouble? What can I possibly do. You’re a Storm Rider, you’ve got more power than—”
            “Not for a fight, more like a case. I need information.”
            “Oh, well, okay, I guess.” I sat at my desk and pulled up my pad and pen. “So, what’s the case?”
            “Not over the phone.”
            “Well, then when do you want to come by the office? Where are you, anyway?”
            I heard a loud crack of thunder through the speaker, but at the same time I felt the thunder rumble through the building and echo outside.
            “Look out your window.”
            I did one better, opening my window and leaning out to look. There on the ground was Kate with half a dozen other people, looking like something the cat dragged in. Kate waved.
            “Oh, this can’t be good. I’m going to charge extra for this case.”