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Friday, March 3, 2017

F3 Opening Remarks

[I know I'm supposed to continue on with Matt's serial story, but I'm going to take a little break for March, but I'll get back to him.]

            Alex waited patiently as the vice president of the college finished the introduction. The veep was pedantic and boring, and it was all Alex could do to stay awake, even though the introduction was nothing but flattery for the guest of honor: Alex.
            “She has published twelve books that have all hit the New York Times’ bestseller list,” the veep droned. “A remarkable feat for any author, much less a history professor.” A few chuckles from the audience on that. “Join me in welcoming our visiting professor for the semester, Dr. Alexandra Conrad.”
            The lecture hall erupted in applause, though some of it clearly was not enthusiastic as much as it was obligatory as a forced social custom. Alex stood, taking the hand of the veep, who pumped her arm a little too much.
            Alex switched on her earpiece mike instead of taking the podium. “Thank you, Vice President Hallsey,” Alex forced a pleasant smile. “It’s an honor to be here. I’m looking forward to my classes this semester and this special advanced lecture today here at DeGradi University. Go Trappers!”
            The team got more cheers than she did, but that was almost always the case. It was only the third year in a row she had ben farmed out to other universities, but never so far from home before.
            Paul has a lot to answer for on this one, but I don’t have the leverage to stop him. It was a damn fine loophole he found to get me out of his hair since he doesn’t have cause to fire me.
            “Well, now. I suppose I could go into my books, my teaching methodology, or how successful I’ve been as a professor to my students, but I think I’d rather get to the heart of this special lecture: Gettysburg.”
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