A3Writer: F3 Pre-surf Medical
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Friday, June 2, 2017

F3 Pre-surf Medical

            Ann left Flynn in the cockpit, adrenaline already pumping through her, and she barely resisted the urge to jog to the upper airlock.
            Wish Flynn was better at the yoke, but not everyone can be me.
            Just before the airlock she met Lita carrying a mess of biosensor pads.
            “I’m going to monitor your vitals closely during this.”
            Ann rolled her eyes but knew better than argue with the Doc. “I think you just want to see my skin.”
            Lita gave a small, knowing smile. “I can see your skin anytime I like, girl.” She sounded confident, but Ann caught a hint of quaver in her voice, suggesting she was remembering the other night.
            “Then you better be ready for when I get back.”
            “Your blood pressure is high, and I’m reading elevated neural activity.” Lita checked her slate.
            “Uh huh. Of course it is.” Ann sealed her suit again.
            “Don’t get lost in what you’re feeling. Keep your head in the game.”
            “Yes, Mother. Captain Killjoy has already given the safety spiel.”
            “I’m not talking about that. I know what this means to you. He doesn’t.”
            Oh, sure, throw a moment of weakness back at me. Hadn’t meant to tell her.
            “I know. My head is in the game. More than you know. To fly like this . . . I’m all in.”
            “You and your gambling,” Lita shook her head. “Make sure you win this . . . what do you call it?”
            “Right. Good luck.” Lita leaned in and kissed Ann lightly, then stepped back immediately, her eyes darting into the locker before the airlock.
            Still self-conscious about others. Have to do something about that. Later.

            Ann stepped into the locker, adrenaline pumping even harder as she was one step closer to finally being able to windsurf.