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Friday, March 30, 2018

F³ Seller's Market

            “Captain, I believe there’s a problem.” Reese said, throwing the market values to the main screen as a HUD overlay on top of Ann’s navigational course.
            Flynn looked at the numbers for several common shipboard weapons systems.
            “Those are high, aren’t they?”
            “Captain, the prices are double what they should be.”
            “Double? Why would they be that high?”
            “Because, right now, there is a very high demand for them.”
            “Oh, flare me,” Ann sighed.

            Flynn activated his chair’s display systems, switching over to the optical scans of Witwick, telling the system to look for signs of combat on the surface and in orbit.
            “Reese, check the transmissions from Witwick. We should have heard about this unless—”
            “Unless transmissions have been jammed or cut at the source,” Reese finished.
            “Already plotting courses,” she said.
            Flynn nodded, though she couldn’t see it. Calypso’s computer processed the sensor images. Witwick’s orbital traffic showed no active firing, but it did highlight a few ships that were heavily armed and could engage at any moment. Unfortunately, the capital city, Sandsedge, showed heavy concentrations of fighting on the ground, especially around the government buildings.
            “Well, that’s not good. Ann, go ahead and chart us a course out to Wreath. Maybe we can do enough quick runs between its moons to make up the difference.”
            “Sounds good to me. I guess we’re witnessing our fourth coup in the last month. Are you sure I can’t convince you—”
            “Captain!” Reese cut in. “Pardon the interruption, but I think you should hear this.”
            “To any ship near Witwick, we need help. Nickel Guild forces have set down and are advancing through the streets. Government forces have engaged them, but civilians are caught in the crossfire. We’re calling on all ships that can help us evacuate. Please, people are dying down here.”

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