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Friday, April 20, 2018

F³ Ann's Nobility

            “Oh, flare me. You’re going to do something noble, aren’t you?” Ann hung her head over her console.
            “No! Okay, I understood in the Reach. They were enslaved and Constantine was an ass, but we owe nothing to these people. Why do you want to help them?”
            “Whatever else you may think of the people of the Consortium,” Reese answered, “they believe in paying their debts. Always.”
            “You mean we can get a reward out of this? Right. Let’s go save the Connies. Mama needs an upgrade.”

            Flynn glanced at Reese, who winked.
            It beats a ten minute long shouting match.
            “Mr. Reese, get on the horn and let them know we’re coming in. We need coordinates right away so Ann can find a landing spot.”
            “You know there’s no way I can just hang out while you play rescue, right?” Ann said.
            “I know. Drop us off, then get out. Come back and extract us. Hank?” Flynn commed.
            A loud bang, like an explosion, then coughing. “Here, Captain.”
            Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.
            “I need you to find a way to create a distraction. We’re going to conduct a planetary op, and when we leave there might be pursuit. Coordinate with Ann to find out what she’ll need.”
            “Aye, sir.”
            Flynn switched comm addresses. “Eltie.”
            “Prep for ground combat, urban environment, unknown hostiles and disposition. We’re extracting civilian bystanders. Details forthcoming. It’s your op.”
            “Yes, sir.”
            “Reese,” Flynn got up from his chair, “pipe the details to Eltie, then meet us below. You’re on this op, too.”
            “Ah, yes, we are short-handed, aren’t we?”
            “Ann,” Flynn put a hand on her shoulder, “she’s all yours.”
            “You better stay alive, Flynn. I’m starting to like you again. Come back and remind me of what an ass you can be.”

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