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Friday, April 27, 2018

F³ WIP Mapping Criminal Intent

            After dropping Cassie off with Jessie and Jen, I went straight to the precinct where Collins was actually more cheerful than I usually saw him. We stared at a big-screen display showing a map of Belport. Overlayed on the map was a dashed yellow path that looked like something that Billy from Family Circus might leave as he wandered about. Instead of Billy, the legend at the bottom indicated that it was the path of Kevin Washburn. There was a picture of his face next to the name, and I recognized the dealer that Jen and I had met at DeGradi.
            “First time I know his actual name,” I said.

            Collins grunted. “So this is what we got. We can narrow it down by time, but this is the last three months.” He circled part of the map. “DeGradi is where he’s most focused. Not surprising for a student. Less surprising for one who sells to students, too.”
            “Does he live on campus?” I asked.
            Collins shook his head, and pointed to an area just off of the campus, but still within what people called University Square. “Apartment. Probably didn’t want campus inspections getting in the way. Lot of the dorms have tightened up on security, too, with cameras.”
            Collins shook his head. “Lease is only in his name, landlord reported no other occupants. Unless his suppliers come to his place for the exchange, which is not likely, he’s getting stuff from one of the other areas he’s frequenting. He spends a lot of time at the beaches.”
            “So it’s got to be one of those.”
            “Yeah, that’s what we figure, but there’s a dozen locations he goes to. Which one is it? If he’s getting the stuff by boat, like we suspect, any of these can be the location.”
            “Could it be all of them? Is there a pattern to when he visits them?”
            Collins frowned, then looked at the tech. “Can you filter for that?”
            The tech, a twenty-something guy with dark hair and handlebar moustache, leaned one way, then the other, and started clicking and typing. The tech’s screen was different from the map. He had a list of GPS coordinates, and was typing in a dizzying array of numbers and other variables to get the results. “Doesn’t appear that there’s a pattern based on date.”
            “Doesn’t mean that the exchanges don’t happen at different places,” I said. “Maybe the suppliers just tell them the next drop point at each meeting.”
            Collins nodded. “So we’ve got two choices, we haul the guy in for questioning or we stake out all these locations, hoping that the next drop isn’t somewhere new.”
            “Three choices,” I said, handing over a flash drive. “My partner and I staked out a frat house. Got some more faces of people selling at DeGradi.”
            “You did this on your own?”
            “Her idea.”
            “Maybe I should hire her.”
            “I’ll tell her you’re interested.”

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