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Friday, December 14, 2018

F³ The Vote

            I sat in a circle of other men, most of whom had their needs tended to by statuesque women in tight, revealing clothing. One man sat at the “head” of the table with a gold-bound gavel. I was dressed in the expensive suit I had bought just for coming into the Fairhaven Club, which I only did when absolutely necessary.
            My membership had first been bought by Max Auron to conduct business, but had been perpetuated by Nikki, which was why I was here, today.
            Two ceremonial raps of the gavel by the chairman. “Let us come to the last order of business.” He added an unhealthy cough, reminding me of the age of everyone here.
            The white-haired and balding men grumbled among their ranks, while the younger crowd looked determined.
            “Once again, the issue has been raised whether to open membership to women. Having heard all discussions, I call the vote. Is there a second?”
            Several men quickly chimed in with their “Second.”
            “Point of order, Mr. Chairman.” The young man three down from me stood for emphasis. “I object to this vote being held in the absence of our sole female member, Ms. Alexander.”
            Grumbles from the old guard started to rise and the younger started speaking loudly, but the gavel cut off the uprising before it become a full-on shouting match.
            “Your objection is overruled Mr. Hansen. Mr. Allen, there,” he pointed at me with the gavel, “carries Ms. Alexander’s proxy.”
            That caught Hansen completely off-guard as he slapped the table for dramatic effect, then opened his mouth and stared at me, dumbfounded.
            “I withdraw my objection,” he finally got out.
            Beside me, one of the men nodded in my direction.
            “All in favor,” the chairman said.
            Hands went up on the side of the younger men, but not mine.
            The friendly nod before turned into a scowl.
            “All against?”
            I raised my hand.
            “Ayes 9, nays 10. The issue is denied,” the chairman announced, tapping the gavel. “You and your allies may bring the issue again according to the bylaws, Mr. Hansen.”
            Hansen and his allies stormed out as the older crowd passed congratulations among themselves.
            I shook my head and walked out, wanting to be away from the idiocy of the Fairhaven Club.

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