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Friday, December 28, 2018

F³ WIP Scapegoat

            From the back, Reese mumbled and stirred.
            I slapped her leg through her jeans, hard. She mumbled a little louder and slowly blinked, asserting more control over her body.
            She sat up, looking at me. “Allen?” she said, unsure.
            “Yeah. What the blankity blank were you doing there?”
            Peripherally, I caught Nikki’s slight smile.
            “Blankity blank? Are you a grown-up?”
            “My use of profanity is not the subject. Explain.”    
            “I was after the story.”
            I opened my mouth, then closed it.
            What’s the point? She’ll just keep talking about the damn story.
            “How did you know where it was?”
            “I recorded your phone conversation on my tablet,” she grinned.
            Several curse words went through my head, all applied to myself.
            I better talk to Jen and Jessie about what all these gizmos can do. I am definitely not up on their capabilities.
            “Cute. Well, you should congratulate yourself.”
            “I am.”
            “Not on that. You went face-to-face with not just a fae, but with a wight, and survived.”
            She stared at me flatly. “Is that supposed to mean anything to me?”
            “Two supernatural creatures in one night!”
            “Three,” Nikki added.
            “Three, counting the will o’wisp.”
            Nikki threw me a sidelong glance. I knew what that was about, but I wasn’t going to bring her into the conversation.
            “A weird disco light, some anorexics, and a creepy stockbroker. Unless you meant the college kids peddling drugs.”
            “Matthew,” Nikki said, pointing out the windshield. “I believe your backup is on the way.”
            I looked, confirming the stream of vehicles in a tight line.
            I hastily dialed Collins.
            “I’m on my way!” His voice was faraway, on speakerphone.
            “You’re about to pass me. Pull into the gas station on your right.”
            “It’s over. They bugged out.”
            “You better have a fucking good explanation for this, Allen. Judge is going to have my hide, the department, too.”
            I smiled, “Not this time. You’ve got a great scapegoat.” I looked back at Reese.

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